About us

About us


We are all entrepreneurs who realize that in order to earn a recurring passive income and to live a life where there is both time and money available, you have to work smarter - not harder. Most people today change time for money, which does not give any freedom.


Our vision is to help hundreds of thousands to live a more fulfilling life - with experiences, time and money to do more of what they really want in life.


The opportunity you've gotten through your friend is the platform we have chosen to achieve our vision.


In Sweden, there is a great potential for our company's business concept. We have seen that there is a great need for what we offer as there is today a growing group of people who want and need more time and get a greater financial security. We are only a few thousand in Sweden using this concept today.


In the world, the industri and the company we have chosen as our platform grows fast.




We teach a simple system

Latest News:


* We are looking forward to the next main event in Juni 15 - 17. This time we are going to Bucharest. You are welcome to join us.


* Every week we meet at restaurants in Gothenburg to have some food and friendship. You are welcome!


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Gothenburg, Sweden


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