Do you also want to live a more fulfilling life?


A life you don't need vacation from

To own your life

By that we mean having time, money and freedom to do MORE of what you want, wherever you want. We are an increasing number of people who want both increased economic security AND more freedom - to control our time, to own our lives.

Now we show you how it could be possible.

Do you own your life?

Once you have seen the movie above, we think you, like most people, want to know more. Then you contact the person who invited you, who then gives you access to the movie below "How to own your life". Once you have seen that movie, you will fully take

advantage of the business opportunity, which you will find in the next step on this page.

The business model and the system we follow


Once you've seen the movie above and understand how you can learn to live a more fulfilling life with time, money and freedom to do more of what you really want in life, you will be invited to a webinar, where you can take part of the business opportunity itself. Alternatively, you can watch a presentation recorded in connection with an erliear webinar.

Our opportunity - your tool

Here we show you the business opportunity. When you have seen this presentation, you will understand how this also can be your tool to do more of what you really want in life.

You can start your own business today!

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* We are looking forward to the next main event in Juni 15 - 17. This time we are going to Bucharest. You are welcome to join us.


* Every week we meet at restaurants in Gothenburg to have some food and friendship. You are welcome!


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